Marko Kotar

male, 31 years old

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  • Primary Languages

    • Slovenian
  • Foreign Languages

    • English
    • German
  • Computer Languages

    C#, Javascript, Java, Ruby, PHP, C, C++, Clipper, VB
  • Databases

    Types: Relational: MySQL, MsSQL, Oracle, Other: MongoDB
    Knowledge: data retrieval and constraints, modeling,T-SQL
  • Technologies, Libraries and Frameworks

    Object-relational mapping(Hibernate, EclipseLink, Linq, RIA Services), Silverlight, XAML, Databinding, JasperReports, Tomcat, IIS, web services, MVC, MVVC, Meteor, DICOM, Share Point
  • Operation systems

    Linux, Windows, Android
  • IDE

    Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, Atom
  • Web

    HTML5, Silverlight, CSS3, AngularJS, jQuery, jQuery-mobile,jOuery-ui, Bootstrap, ASP.Net
  • Paticipation on national competition in matematics

    1st and 4th year of secondary school (15 and 18 years old)
  • Selected for Physics Olympiad in Taiwan in 2003

    4th year of secondary school (18 years old)
  • Gold Stefan's Award at the competition in physics

    8. grade of primary school (14 years old)
  • Microscopy

  • 3D Printing and Modeling

  • Wood Printing